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Body Magnets for Pain Relief – Our best 10

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Body Magnets for Pain Relief (Magnetic therapy) is also known as magnotherapy. It is an alternative therapy for soothing the body. If you experience shoulder or back pain frequently, then magnotherapy is one of the most effective remedies.

Magnetic therapy is cost-effective. Many people can afford it. You too can. What’s more? It doesn’t involve the use of chemicals, neither do you have to pay for any massage. Using static fields, magnetic therapy alleviates pain and stress from your body naturally, and very fast.

Many manufacturers have developed various devices to be used in home magnetic therapy. The most common are bracelets. Magnetic therapy devices are also available as knee supports, shoulder pads, and longue pads.

They are all highly efficient, no doubt about that, but we’ve been able to pick ten best body magnets for pain relief for 2020. These devices are comfortable and are designed with user safety in mind.

Browse through this page for a detailed review of the 10 best body magnets for pain relief.


Natracure Magnetic Shoulder Support Best Magnetic Therapy

Natracure is best for professional athletes or people whose work schedule is so busy that they get tired daily. Instead of spending huge sums on a massage, you could simply purchase Natracure.

This device is safer and cheaper than massage, not to talk about restorative surgeries aimed at the management of pain. It can be used with ease, with a great design that appeals to both ladies and gentlemen.

This device is made with magnets that penetrate deeply, which explains why it is very effective at what it does. Natracure is durable with a wide magnetic field compared to others in its category. They are fast at soothing sprains and stressed muscles faster.

People who have arthritis will observe a great improvement in their health. This therapeutic device is made with fabric, flexible and of neoprene material that lays on your skin without causing any discomfort.

NatraCure is washable. After a few days of usage, you may wash off any stains without its performance getting compromised. Because of its loop closure and hook, you can modify the fitting for better and faster results.

The Natracure therapy device is heated. So, its performance is better and faster than similar products.

NatraCure Neoprene Magnetic Shoulder Wrap for pain relief
NatraCure Neoprene Magnetic Shoulder Wrap


Therion Magnetics PC212

A great traveling companion, Therion Magnetics PC212, a magnetic Longue mat, is very versatile and effective at soothing pains in the body and back. If you need a magnetic device that can cover a large area of your body per session, then Therion does it.

It works fast with a design that can rightly be described as comfortable, on which you may sleep as your body soothes. What’s more? It is durable. Although it is portable and light, it doesn’t degrade or rip off easily.

Therion Magnetics PC212
Therion Magnetics PC212


Deep Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Kit

Ever purchased expensive massage oils or paid some huge amount of dollars for massage sessions? how did you feel after getting negative results? Well, you can avoid this experience by getting yourself the Serenity 2000 magnetic kit.

Equipped with magnets made of neodymium and power of 5000 gausses, the Serenity 2000 has a very impressive performance. These magnets last long and have penetrating designs so deep that they create magnetic fields that are stronger and larger.

After a hard day’s work, you could put use one as you relax on your couch, planning for a new day.

You can easily make use of this device. Perhaps you have to need a magnetic device whose usage you’ll enjoy, this is among the best. While getting set for therapy, you don’t necessarily have to make any special preparations for it to work.

Just place it on the area that’s affected to soothe the inflammation or pain. And then, there’s a holder that stores the magnet, together with one adhesive kit for your clothing. With the adhesive kit, you can carry on with your daily activities as your body soothes on simultaneously.

Body Magnets for Pain Relief
Deep Magnetic Therapy Spot Magnet Kit


Acupressure Magnetic Patches

I’m not sure if there’s a need to soothe joint and muscle pain with painkillers daily. With this device, you won’t have any need for your painkillers, ever again. Purchase a set for yourself to get some acupuncture magnets with power 1000-gauge.

These magnets all magnetic fields that penetrate deeply. They are excellent at soothing irritation and pain. These magnets last long and have bandages (self-adhering) that can help hold it in place. While exploring the park or heading to work, you have nothing to fear regarding their dislodging.

Unlike some knee wraps which function solely on specific body areas, these patches tend to have universal functions. You’ll experience good results using them on your shoulders. You can use them on your knees and your back with great output.

On a final note, they are great for complementing acupressure, acupuncture, and other wellness procedures. Purchase a new set of Acupressure Magnetic Patches online and follow the usage instructions for an awesome experience.

Acupressure Magnetic Patches for pain relief
Acupressure Magnetic Patches


Clair and Coquette Magnetic Therapy Sleeping Mask

Have you ever struggled with your night’s sleep? Perhaps you tried using the very best sleeping aids you could lay hands-on in the marketplace but with no tangible results? Well, you may take the Clair and Coquette Magnetic Therapy Sleeping Mask into consideration.

It is a comfortable device that can be used by anyone and can be worn throughout the night without any issues. The product also comes with a set of convenient earplugs. This magnetic therapy device is comfortable. They have an excellent noise-filtration function to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Concerning performance, Clair and Coquette Magnetic Therapy Sleeping Mask makes waves as a great device for inducing sleep. The magnets that are used for its production generate a very strong magnetic field that soothes you to sleep.

They have a great safety factor and are specially enabled for relaxation of facial muscles and also improve the flow of blood. What’s more? There’s a free eBook on beauty care that helps you with better looks.

Clair and Coquette Magnetic Body Magnets for Pain Relief
Clair and Coquette Magnetic Therapy Sleeping Mask


Apothecary Acupressure Magnetic Patches

Get these apothecary acupressure magnetic patches to experience the best pain relief therapy. It is built with magnets of good quality furnished complete with adhering tapes. These accessories are durable. They can be recycled many times with the quality still intact.

They function well in most body parts. You may use the Apothecary acupressure magnetic patches to soothe those aches that are ravaging your knees. They can also be used for relief of shoulder and back pain.

To soothe the irritation of body pain, people try out diverse and unverified remedies which aggravate the condition in most cases. Though they may be cheap, they are safe, having been subjected to numerous checks. Its skin-safe and non-irritant designs are great for daily usage. Whether you have sensitive or normal skin, expect nothing less than great results.

Are you operating on a slim budget? Well, you don’t have to drill a hole in your pocket with this great magnetic therapy device. They are not expensive. It can be afforded both by workers and students. They can be used with ease, and most of all recommended for everyone.

Apothecary Acupressure Magnetic Patches
Apothecary Acupressure Magnetic Patches


Viki LYNN Hematite

Sportsmen and women experience injuries occasionally. Also, arthritis patients suffer pains in the joints that often cannot be relieved by painkillers. Do you relate to these? Then your best bet remedy is Viki LYNN Hematite.

It is a very strong bracelet that soothes pains and aches using magnetic waves. It also enhances the circulation of blood, which facilitates the healing process. The product is stylishly designed, so it can be worn outside without attracting undue attention.

Because you have bought a bracelet with a magnet in it doesn’t mean that comfort must be sacrificed. It has a comfortable elasticized design. It can also be stretched to fit without its performance being compromised. And finally, it has a non-irritant, smooth magnet with a unisex design. You’ll have fun using it.

Viki LYNN Hematite Body Magnets for Pain Relief
Viki LYNN Hematite


Earth Therapy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Made with 100% copper, this magnetic bracelet is quite powerful with an attractive and stable look. It is unisex, comfortable, and with six whole therapeutic magnets having a total power of 18000 gausses. For people who are neuropathic or have got wrist pain due to arthritis, you can try using Earth Therapy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet. It is cheap, comfortable, and very effective.

Apart from the aches and pain, this device is great for curing fatigue and migraine. All you need do is put it on the area that’s affected to get speedy results. It has an adjustable design measuring about 6.5”, so it can fit on everyone. Whether your hand is thick or slim, you’ll have absolutely no problems with this bracelet. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Earth Therapy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet
Earth Therapy Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet


Serenity 2000 Magnetic Therapy Set

During the fight against severe pain, great devices like handheld massagers usually fail to give the satisfaction that many require. They are effective only to some extent. To get value for your money, purchase the serenity 2000 magnetic therapy set.

You may apply it in several ways. If you’ve got a tired back or neck, for example, you’ll find this product useful.  It is also useful on the head, ankles, and other body parts.

Although cheap, serenity 2000 magnetic therapy set is equipped with 28 magnets that penetrate deeply, giving you great value for your money. They are durable. As they say, you’ll be well-served with this magnetic device.

Serenity 2000 Magnetic Therapy Set
Serenity 2000 Magnetic Therapy Set


Smarter Lifestyle Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

We reserved the best for the last. This device, produced by Smarter Lifestyle is top on our list. It is cheap, no doubt, but at the cheap price, you get a titanium bracelet, one that’s as effective as it is elegant. It doesn’t fade as fast as other devices in its category and it has an adjustable design, and equally very comfortable. More so, it fits both genders very well.

Smarter Lifestyle has a magnetic strength of 3500 gausses, thus making it both powerful and durable. Whether it is for soothing pain or fatigue, you won’t get let down by Smarter Lifestyle. It is great for natural and fast relief of muscle tension.

Also, if you are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis, tennis elbow, or arthritis, you’ll benefit from this therapy device as well.

Smarter Lifestyle Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Smarter Lifestyle Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

In conclusion

Are you weighed down by muscle pains, joint pains, or other underlying medical conditions? These problems can be relieved with magnetic therapy, and you can go on to live a great life. We’ve reviewed the ten best Body magnets for pain relief in this article.

We can assure you that they are dependable for both genders. They have powerful magnetic systems that soothe stress and pain with high efficiency. They are equally comfortable with safety-certified designs that cause no harm to anyone over time.

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